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New York rapper Lloyd Banks recently stopped by Hot97 to discuss his newly approaching project “Hunger for More 2.” While there he spoke on the subject of being an avid blog reader and taking note of what is being said about hip hop and specifically where his name is concerned.

He was also pressed on the subject of his thoughts towards a recent jab at his boss 50 Cent made by fellow emcees Shyne who was just recently released from prison after serving time due to the infamous club shooting with Diddy and then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez back in 1999. Shyne who upon his release signed a major deal with Def Jam has been back in the booth where he just spit a freestyle over Alicia Key’s latest single “Unthinkable.”

In that song he states, “ Mama gotta pay rent I need a couple million f*ck 50 Cent.” To this Lloyd Banks responded the following “I spoke to Fif today…he just laughed about it. But I heard some other things that Shyne put out, and I’ll be the first to tell you and the world, he’s very wack….you don’t hear it? What kind of style he got right now?…” 50 Cent and Shyne have previously bumped heads in the past when Fif once called Shyne a punk and joked about his involvement in the infamous club shooting.