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Karrueche Denied


Karrueche may have the man (or boy) Chris Brown, but Rihanna has the club! This weekend Ri Ri, Teyana Taylor and Karruece (who are friends) were all in NYC and bound to bump heads someway or another. It almost happened at the Pink Elephant night club, but according to Page Six, Karrueche was denied entry to club because Ri Ri was inside.

“She [Karrueche] wasn’t let in as a courtesy to Rihanna. To keep the peace, they decided it was in everybody’s best interest if they weren’t on the dance floor at the same time,” a source said.

So what’s the next best thing to do? Find another of NYC’s many clubs? No…tweet! Karrueche and Teyana Taylor started subtweeting Rihanna:

“You a wack b-tch and you know it,” Karrueche wrote and Teyana Taylor followed up with “B*tches be shook” and “Scary a** b*tches.”

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