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LeBron James microphoneNBA superstar LeBron James may be the king on thew court, but rapping is where he’s trying to take his talents to. An old freestyle over the Jay Z favorite “F*ckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt” recently hit the internet and LeBron hasn’t been able to live it down since. No, thismis not an April Fool’s joke. LeBron James really dropped a freestyle in 2014.

The Miami Heat player recorded the verse last summer on a visit back to his home state of Ohio. He went in the studio with a childhood friend and aspiring rapper Sian Cotton. The pair renamed the song “Kingdom” and the title fits considering ‘Bron uses the two minutes to spit about docking his yacht in France and the two championship rings adorning his fingers.


Cotton  says he and James never planned on recording the verse. The decision to drop a verse over Jay Z’s song was just something that happened when they were working out in the gym.

Check out the track below. While it is a struggle rap, it’s still better than Kobe’s thankfully short rap career.



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