According to TMZ, rapper/ Pastor, Mase, is being sued for illegally using an instagram photo of  Stephanie Delgado on his upcoming single, ‘Why Can’t We.’ Seriously… sued for snatching Instagram pics for single artwork, Mase? You couldn’t be more creative?

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Stephanie Delgado (who goes by Stephanie Rao for modeling) claims Mase lifted the photo straight from her Instagram page and used it to promote his new song, “Why Can’t We.”

Rao says no one ever contacted her asking for permission to use the photo … which she says ended up being used on more than 40 different sites to promote the song. 

Rao is seeking royalties in the amount of $60,000 and damages in the amount of $180,000. 

Mase probably should’ve been working on his Easter Sunday sermon instead of trying to be the cool middle-aged rapper…

…mo money, mo problems….

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