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black-couple-argueWomen needing to submit to their husbands has always been a hot topic. Recently, pro volleyball player, model and author Gabrielle Reece received a lot of criticism for claiming that women need to learn what it is to submit to their husbands. Gabrielle’s been married for 17 years and credited her success to the simple and old-fashioned tactic of submitting to her husband. I know, I know! Gasp! I realize it’s 2013 and women are very much so independent, but there’s a certain dynamic that needs to happen within a relationship between a man and a woman to make it strong. Not both people in the relationship need to be the head. Someone has to be the neck.

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#TeamBeautiful recently hosted an intimate conversation with “Love & Hip Hop” creator, Mona Scott-Young and she shared with the crowd why it’s so important for her to submit to her husband. In fact, Mona claimed her hubby taught her to surrender.

“It just means to understand that there’s someone else who can contribute to you and it’s ok to let go. It’s ok to trust and open yourself up and allow yourself to feel whatever that experience is, love, pain, happiness. Just allow yourself to go through that emotion. That, to me is submission.” Mona’s idea of submitting to your husband is an eye-opening one. Strong-willed women are quick to shun the idea of submission because it makes them feel like they’re giving up some of their power and that’s not true.

I’m actually in the midst of learning this lesson for myself. I am in no way married. Hell, I’m not even in a consistent or successful relationship. And while that may be by choice, I know that I’m flawed in the submissions department.

But that’s because I have the definition of submission screwed up. A man will always want to be a man and the man. In a relationship or marriage, if a wife is serving her man and her family, i.e. doing whatever her family needs to be happy, then the man can then be the man of the house. Reece says, “to truly be feminine means being soft, receptive, and –- look out, here it comes –- submissive. I think because women have the ability to set the tone, that the ultimate strength and showing real power, I believe, is creating that environment. I think it’s a sign of strength.’’ See, submission is strength! All these years, I’ve had it twisted!

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