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columbus-short-divorceEmbattled actor Columbus Short fought family court and family court won. The former “Scandal” star turned struggle comedian was recently ordered to pay massive amounts of money to his estranged wife Tanee Short.

Columbus Short was scheduled to appear in court so that a judge could rule on the matters of child support and spousal support. However, the actor decided the court date wasn’t as important as whatever else he had to do and skipped the court appearance. The judge still showed no mercy for the absent television star and awarded Tanee Short a nice monthly sum of money.


Tanee Short will receive $17,005 in spousal support. Tanee and Columbus’ child will be taken care of with the help of the $4,542 Columbus Short has to hand over for child support each month. As if the monthly monetary deposits aren’t enough, the judge also ordered Columbus Short to pay $25,000 for Tanee’s legal fees.

Moral to the story: when you have a court date, make sure you AND your attorney show up!

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