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The city of Los Angeles is removing an incredibly offensive ad for “The Red Band Society” from nearly 200 buses.

Fox effectively disrespected a whole segment of its potential audience with a poster that characterizes Octavia Spencer—the only Black woman on the show—as the “scary b*tch.” Because apparently the people over at Fox couldn’t think of any other way to describe a black woman who is serious about her job taking care of adolescents that are being treated in a hospital’s pediatric ward. Yes, “scary bitch” was obviously the most fitting thing for her. Totally logical. (*side eye*).

According to The Los Angeles Times, the ads have been plastered up in 190 buses for the better part of five weeks. A rep for L.A.’s Metropolitan Transit Authority announced that it has suddenly come to the realization that the poster “denigrates women,” so they are coming down ASAP.

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This decision was announced just as protesters stormed an MTA committee meeting recently. “I don’t know if I find it more offensive because I’m black, or more offensive because I’m a woman,” a demonstrator named Jasmyne Cannick told the LA Times. “I sometimes think our city forgets that there are black people who still live here and call Los Angeles home.”

Well, beauties, you can be offended equally for both reasons! Octavia’s character could have been labeled anything; “tough cookie,“ “no-nonsense nurse,” “caring professional”—anything! Instead, the ad department at Fox decided to that “scary b*tch” was the perfect title in a time when Black women are constantly being slapped with the insulting epithet. Even if Octavia wasn’t Black the fact that an assertive, smart female character could be called a “b*tch” is mind-boggling!

Even more incredible is Fox’s statement that “We sincerely apologize if the copy was offensive to viewers.” It’s amazing that it took them this long and some unflattering PR to see the error of their ways.


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