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By now, you should be fully obsessed with “How To Get Away With Murder” like the rest of us and subsequently obsessed with the powerful lead, Viola Davis. Her new show, where she plays high powered attorney and professor Annalise Keating, is getting rave reviews and since sex sells, once could only assume that the plethora of hot and heavy sex scenes has something to do with that!

Recently, Access Hollywood got the chance to ask Davis about the sex scenes and that moment when she took her wig off. The 49-year-old actress admitted that she doesn’t like that her mother gets to see her in them. She said, “I’ve gotta tell my mother beforehand so she has time to leave the house for about 3 or 4 minutes. Because otherwise, I’m gonna be afraid to go back home to Rhode Island for the holidays!” It’s amazing to know that a woman of Davis’ caliber still fears her mother. I know that as a 30-year-old woman, my mom is aware that I’m sexually active, but we just don’t talk about it because…ew.

One scene from “HTGAWM” that will always be a major part of the show was when Viola’s character Annalise came home from a long day at work, to get a hunch that her husband was cheating on her and she sat in front of her vanity, wiping her face clean of makeup and she slipped off her wig.

The moment made for one of the most poignant moments in TV for Black women. And when asked about it, Davis shared:

“The conversation was, ‘Shonda, I want to take my wig off.’ You know, I said, ‘I do not want a scene where I’m going to bed at night with my wig on’ – we don’t [do that]. That scene was two-fold. That scene was watching a woman prepare to go to bed at night, really watching it. I thought that that would be powerful, but I also thought that it would be powerful watching someone taking off a mask. [I heard from] Halle Berry and [‘Sleepy Hollow’ star] Nicole Beharie. Halle Berry just said, ‘Girl, I had to send you an e-mail, you’re doing such a great job, I celebrate you.’ She’s always like that by the way. She’s very very, very supportive.”

Wow, who knew the shedding of the wig was Viola’s idea?! I can’t get enough of this show! Who’s watching tonight with me?!

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