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Ferguson decision protesters march on Detroit freeways

Protesters walking the streets marched onto the I-75 freeway in downtown Detroit. A large crowd of people were lined up in the roadway at the Mack Avenue Exit 52 at about 6 p.m. They marched off the freeway and down Woodward to Warren where they dispersed orderly into a campus building with police cars following them.

Later at about 7:30 p.m. a crowd walked onto the Lodge freeway at Canfield where they slowed traffic. A group of protesters originally gathered at Hart Plaza in Detroit, before moving towards I-75. The swath of people previously entered I-75 and lined up across all lanes at times blocking traffic, with police at the scene.

Demonstrations have sprung up around the country reacting to the St. Louis County grand jury decision to not press charges against white police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown. Earlier on Tuesday demonstrations were held outside the federal courthouse downtown and at Wayne State University.

Pregnant mother fatally shot, Detroit police search for killer

A young mother hears a noise coming from the backyard and when she went to investigate, she was fatally shot. On Monday Ashley Hayslip was shot in the head and Tuesday, taken off life support. The victim’s family tells FOX 2 if her killer does not care he took one life, maybe he will care that he killed an unborn child. Investigators are still trying to figure that out, but sometimes a reason isn’t needed.

Monday morning, Hayslip, 25, heard something strange. A noise from outside her westside home on Ashton in Detroit. Her aunt Shirley tells us, Ashley saw somebody in the backyard.

“She got up and looked out the window,”Shirley said to Fox 2. “And the next thing you know, bullets started flying. She got hit.”

Her fiance, Ryan, was there.

“I held her in my arms until the EMS made me leave,” Ryan said.

Hayslip had been on life support since then. Today her loved ones decided take her off life support. Ashley’s is no longer beating and their hearts are broken. Now they have to tell Ashley’s 4-year-old daughter that mommy is in heaven. What was the motive for this murder? Who would want to kill this mother or was the bullet even intended for her?

Anyone with information should call Detroit police at 313-596-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-OUT.

Clawson school board member resigns after joke about shooting kids with allergies

An attempt to be funny went terribly wrong and a Clawson school board trustee has resigned.

“We should just shoot them,” said Linda Grossman of the Clawson board of education in a recent meeting.

It’s that comment that has Clawson parents across the country infuriated. Video of a Clawson school board meeting posted on Facebook Monday showed a discussion about snacks in schools. It’s stated there are 20 children from Kenwood Elementary with allergies. But then Grossman chimed in. The video has been shared thousands of times, shows other board members getting a chuckle out of Grossman’s comment..

Also appalling some parents say is that the video was from November 10. The principal here at Kenwood says they will continue to do everything in their power to keep children safe, adding that Grossman has resigned. Also issuing a statement and sending out letters to parents Tuesday, Clawson Superintendent Monique Beels and board president Kevin Turner which said:

“We were stunned and saddened by a comment recently made by a member of the Board of Education of Clawson Public Schools. Although the comment was an inappropriate attempt at humor, it was most insensitive. It does not represent the views of our district nor our Board of Education.”

Beels also calls Grossman’s comment insensitive and hurtful, adding that her resignation is effective immediately but many parents say the other board members laughing should be held responsible as well.

Detroit Police conduct pre-holiday raids on city’s east side during “Operation Wild Turkey”

Detroit Police executed a series of raids Tuesday to send a message to criminals before the Thanksgiving holiday. Heavily armed officers stood guard outside a known drug house in the 11800 block of Laing on the city’s east side as other officers entered with guns drawn.

Six people were inside the house. The individuals, three men and three women, were all in handcuffs by the time Action News was allowed inside. The six people all insisted to police that they were just visiting the house.

           “This address has been a complaint in the neighborhood,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. “We’ve served search warrants several times in the past.”

During the raid, officers found a hand gun and some cash along with marijuana, cocaine and some ecstasy pills. Craig said his officers hit another house in the area last week. Operation Wild Turkey began at around 7 Tuesday morning with additional raids, according to Craig.  This is the 11th operation of its kind operated in recent months. A dozen people were arrested in the early morning raid, according to police.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Digital Producer of The Morning Heat and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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