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If you weren’t buying Darren Wilson’s claims that Michael Brown‘s hands weren’t up when he shot him, you are not alone. On a CNN segment this week, one pathologist, Cyril Wecht was especially fired up and described in clear detail, based on the wounds, that Wilson lied about what happened between he and Brown.

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From his chair, Wecht reenacted how Brown’s body responded to the first bullet hitting his forearm in an “upward trajectory,” instantly halting him. Wecht then claims that Brown’ss body slowly reached the ground, as he was falling and Wilson kept on shooting. Unbelievable.

The OG analyst goes off over Wilson having the gall to seek sympathy by calling Brown a “demon” he couldn’t control. Wecht had sound advice Wilson or any authoritative figure who is trained to protect the people and not adhere to archaic stereotypes. Here’s a transcript of his excellent diatribe:

“This was now 30-35 feet away, he’s unarmed, he’s in short pants, and in a T-shirt, where is threat? If this kid was a threat to his life, how in the world could he be out there as a police officer dealing with people that have weapons, people that are really berserk, and people who really pose a serious threat? This is a absurd scenario as far as Wilson’s defense.”



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