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As you already know, Detroit rapper Dej Loaf will be performing at out Winter Jam concert on December 20th at The Dorton Arena. But what you probably didn’t know is that just three months ago Lil Dej was cleaning toilets as a part of her job as a janitor.

In an interview with MLive Dej talks about how she felt working for the Chrysler Motor Co. in Detroit:

I would drive people crazy. They were comfortable and I never was, so I never really fit in. I would clean bathrooms, floors, take out trash. You know, ridiculous stuff. All I was doing it for was money. And I quit because I really didn’t care about having money. I just wanted to do my music. The job really wasn’t worth it. Cleaning up and getting talked to in any kind of way just wasn’t for me. I let it all go.

She also talks about how her collaboration with Detroit artists Royce, Big Sean, Eminem and Danny Brown:

Royce had me come into the studio so he could see everything I was doing. We went over to the studio, he played my record (“Try Me”) and said ‘You’re dope, I love the song you got out, but can you really rap?’ I said ‘Yeah, I can rap.’ So he then put on the Detroit vs. Everybody song before it was complete and told me he wanted to shine (highlight) Danny Brown and all the other people on there. But none of them were on there yet, so I laid a 16 (bars) and I laid the hook.

About her sense of style:

My style just comes naturally. It’s not for sale or anything. I don’t go online and say to myself ‘Yeah, I want to dress like her.’ You know what I’m saying? I just like what I like — whether it’s expensive or it’s cheap.

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