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Who knew that you could be suspended for having a winning team?!!?! Well, that’s exactly what happened to Arroyo Valley, Ca basketball coach Michael Anderson. Anderson has been forced to sit out two games after his high school girls’ team WHIPPED their competition in a recent game where the final score was 161-2. School officials suspended Anderson for what is being called “questionable sportsmanship”

“The game just got away from me,” Anderson told the San Bernardino Sun. “I didn’t expect them to be that bad, I’m not trying to embarrass anybody. And I didn’t expect my bench to play that well. I had one player make eight of nine 3s.”

The coach of the opposing tream, Dale Chung told the paper, “People shouldn’t feel sorry for my team; they should feel sorry for his team, which isn’t learning the game the right way,” calling Anderson’s decision to let his bench players casually grind Bloomington into fine dust “unethical.”

“He knows what he did was wrong,” Chung said, losing without grace and setting a poor example for his players.

I don’t know if I agree with the decision to suspend this coach. What exactly were his options? He put in his bench players and the referees decided to play the forth quarter with a running clock. I don’t think there was really much more that could be done… The other team was just BAD!

While serving his first game away from the team, they still managed to beat their opponents 80-19 in a game taht was coached by Anderson’s son Nick.

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