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A$AP Rocky

A lot of times a celebrity AMA brings the type of promotional rhetoric you could just as easily find on a press release. A$AP Rocky’s live Tumblr AMA on February 10 was far from that.

Ahead of the video premiere for his “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2″ single, Rocky’s wide-open approach to answering fan-submitted questions  brought revelations about Rocky’s plans for new music, his thoughts on ex-girlfriend Iggy Azalea, and wanting to have sex with Madonna as a bucket-list wish. There’s plenty more on Rocky’s Tumblr, but check out our favorite revelations from the AMA below and watch his new video after the jump:

Here’s a few of the things we learned about the A$AP Mob’s venerable frontman:

  • His next album has the following initials: A.L.L.A. “U guess the title,” he told a fan.
  • His thoughts on Iggy Azalea: “She look like she not gettin’ piped right these days , LOL, JK”
  • An A$AP Mob x G-Unit collaboration could be in the works: “I don’t see why not, my dream is a Dipset / G-Unit1 / A$AP posse cut.”
  • His “ultimate sexual fantasy”: “I just wanna fuk Madonna old ass b4 I die, feel me, can u blame me?”
  • He wants to collaborate with Andre 3000
  • His favorite modern rappers: Vince StaplesKendrick Lamar, and ScHoolboy Q
  • The A$AP Mob and Raider Klan beef is officially squashed: “Met a lot of the X members,” he wrote. “Those dudes are fine wit me man.”
  • His best advice for a new artist: “If u truly belive ur shit is good or great keep going bcuz u cant stop greatness no matter what.”
  • His weirdest sexual experience: “Once when I was young I fucked a chick in front her disabled grandmom, so sick, literally, Im ashamed…Grandmoms looked excited tho.”
  • He’s kind of a health-food guy: When asked about his preference for McDonalds or Burger King, he wrote, “None of that shit good is good for u.”


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