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Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Sentenced

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All-access Kwame Kilpatrick documentary comes out Friday

Two years after Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to prison, a documentary on him is finally ready.

In one scene from “KMK: A Documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick”, the viewer is riding along with him after leaving prison.

“I’m calling my wife, first phone call, first phone call,” Kilpatrick said. “Wow. I can’t believe it, until we get out of Jackson.

“‘Hey baby, what’s going on?’”

A whole lot of folks watched as Kilpatrick left Jackson Prison back in 2011. But only two men were in the former mayor’s vehicle with their cameras rolling.

“The chopper is on us, so we got the eye in the sky,” Kilpatrick said during his ride in the documentary. “We’re rolling down I-94, this is very interesting, this understated release. The choppers and all the press corps were out there. Were they broadcasting live out there?”

The men behind the documentary are Tim and Tobias Smith, a father and son filmmaking team … click here for more details.

Highland Park father robbed, killed while sons watched

He was a father and a husband and killers took his life right in front of his family. Then they robbed his home and took it all.

26-year-old Jimel Hendrix was ambushed and shot in the face Wednesday morning. He was just returning to his Highland Park home when it happened.

He, his wife, and his two boys were ambushed by two men. The forced them to the floor and robbed him. FOX 2 spoke with several family members of Jimel. They’re terrified for their lives and would asked us not to show their faces … click here for more details.

72-year-old survives armed robbery at Detroit home

72-year-old Alice Griffin was walking to her front door just before nine Wednesday evening when she was attacked by two young men brandishing guns.

Alice Griffin had never seen her robbers before and believes she was picked at random. Griffin also thinks the more aggressive young robber was training his accomplice.

With her 89-year-old mother was inside, Griffin tried to talk the robbers out of entering her house. That’s when the teens turned violent.

“They put a gun to my head and pushed me over,” she said.

The more aggressive man started going through her pockets and stole $28 and then told the other teen to go upstairs—where Griffin’s mother was in her bedroom.

The two men took some jewelry and a small safe before running away … click here for more details.

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