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Jay Z almost never tweets despite having an official Twitter account. But today the Jigga Man himself went on social media to personally defend his burgeoning, but also struggling, music streaming service of TIDAL, which has been greatly criticized in just its first month of service.

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About two hours ago, under the name of “Mr. Carter“, he sent out “stream of consciousness” tweets against reports that TIDAL is a flop (it recently dropped out of the Top 750 apps in the Apple Store). He promised in one tweet “We are here for the long haul. Please give us a chance to grow.”

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After ending that tweet with the defiant hashtag of #TidalFacts, Jay Z kept on going. He offered a kind of virtual press conference in which he shared business knowledge and rational thinking about being pro-music and that he was not a sleazy, money-grubbing mogul.

Peep this next tweet where he pokes fun at himself and makes a reference to that infamous Suge Knight quote.

Looks like someone’s been humbled by TIDAL not being a runaway success.

Jay Z’s tweets felt a little bit like a desperate move, considering he goes weeks, sometimes months even, without a word on Twitter. But because TIDAL is his professional baby, it looks like he took it upon himself to set the #TidalFacts straight.

But the kind of business information shared on Twitter would’ve been great to hear at that original megawatt press conference. Convincing us to subscribe to TIDAL just because Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Beyonce were on stage was a little insulting to music lovers everywhere, making it seem like we were just THAT impressionable to buy into his latest venture.

What real music fans would like to know is how shelling out $19.99 a month really was going to put the music back in the music industry. And that smaller, indie artists weren’t going to ripped off (as they somewhat do on its competitor Spotify). Maybe if TIDAL shared their aspirations of providing accessible, clear-sounding music to the people in the first place, the streaming service could’ve at least been taken seriously while still in search of more loyal users.


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