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Traditional album release dates don’t quite work anymore. They tend to leak beforehand. The Weeknd wasn’t a special case. Beauty Behind The Madness has leaked one week before its release date. We won’t post the leak here, but we’re sure with a little Internet searching — and if you beliieeeveee — you can find it.

Instead of an all caps rant and sulking, The Weeknd decided to roll with the punches. He packaged Beauty Behind The Madness as The Leak, a collection of snippets from the album. You’ll find that here since The Weeknd tweeted it (in all caps excitement, of course).


Beauty Behind The Madness is a great album and a couple of steps up from Kiss Land, although we’re judging by The Leak and one listen. Some quick thoughts:

  • “In The Night” is amazing and needs to be a single.
  • Tell Your Friends,” his collaboration with Kanye West, is just as good as it sounded when The Weeknd performed it earlier this week.
  • “Dark Times,” his collaboration with Ed Sheeran, sounds way better than it does on paper.

So it looks like The Weeknd has a lot of material to work with when he goes on The Madness tour. The tour will run through November and December starting at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. But first, he has to get through next week’s Video Music Awards performance.


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