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Khloe Kardashian Signs And Discusses Her New Book 'Strong Looks Better Naked'

Source: Joe Scarnici / Getty

Khloe Kardashian doesn’t have time for you over-opinionated twitter trolls causing havoc from the comforts of your mother’s basement…

Khloe is currently recovering from home after contracting a staph infection at the hospital with Lamar Odom through a lesion on her leg. She’s doing better — with the assistance of antibiotics and painkillers — but she is still not prepared to deal with #bittertwitter and their opinions about her relationships with Lamar Odom and James Harden..

Yesterday, she went in.. take a look..

Dope ass game!!!!! Overtime games give me such fun anxiety but I love the energy the team had in the 4th quarter,” she tweeted first, while watching boyfriend James Harden’s latest basketball game.

That set off a few of her followers, who criticized her for having two different men in her life at the moment; Harden and husband Lamar Odom.

“You can’t be with harden and still be married fam, gotta chose one,” one commenter wrote. “For better or worse sickness and health till death do them part,” added another. “I’m with you she needs to pick one.”

“Divorce is still going forward. Doesn’t mean I won’t be there through sickness and health. I’ve proven that,” Khloe responded. “You should have said those to the man who went against all our vows. Judge yourself. F–k off.”

“Stop believing everything you read,” she added. “Not my place to clear up every rumor. I think I know what I’m doing in my life.”

“You just with him to look good for the media, you think we don’t know?” asked another commenter.

Her response? “Ummmmm how does that look good in the media? He wasn’t picking roses my friend. Get off my d–k.”

She ended her rant by admitting, “Antibiotics +painkillers + tweeting does not equal anything good lol.”

Well she told them…