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Actress and Comedian Mo’Nique has been rumored to have an open marriage for years, and she is now setting the record straight. In a new viral video Mo is on stage and tells an audience that having an open marriage was her idea because she likes to occasionally “F*ck other Ni$$as..”

In the monologue she said:

What nobody knew, was that the open marriage was not his idea, it was mine ….Cuz at the time in my life, I had an attitude of n*gga, I’m a baller….A muthaf*ckin shot caller…We were in the Bahamas for a night and I said, ‘N*gga check this out.’ Now keep in mind, I’m talking to my best friend since we were 14 years old. This ain’t no new n*gga. I said to my best friend, ‘Nigga check this out. From time to time, a b*tch travels the world. From time to time, I like to f*ck other niggas.’ And my best friend said to his best friend, ‘B*tch I love you so muthaf*cking much, you f*cking another n*gga ain’t got sh*t to do with me. If that’s gonna make you happy, go f*ck another nigga.’ He said but you know I can fuck other bitches. I said well nigga wait a minute.

I always knew Nicki Parker had a little freak in her…