AOL BUILD Series: Wendy Williams

Source: Mark Sagliocco / Getty

While visiting the Conan O’Brien show earlier this week Wendy Williams. While sitting with Conan Wendy explained that in her household there is a “no closed doors” policy in the house. Now as most grown folks can imagine, this can be a little awkward when grown trying to handle certain “situations” *wink*

Wendy goes into detail about the time her son Kevin Jr. walked into the bedroom when Wendy was performing a “favor” *wink…wink* on her husband.

When O’Brien asked what happened after her son entered the room, the answer was even more ridiculous than the story itself. “Well, he didn’t hear anything,” replied Williams. “He saw the TV. And what do you think we did? Continued.” Hunter Jr. was clearly disturbed to a certain degree. A usual mother-son tradition in the Williams household is a hug and kiss from Wendy to Kevin. But when leaving the house the next day, Hunter Jr. opted for just a hug.

I’m not too sure how I would feel about walking in on Wendy Williams slobbin’ on the knob like corn on the cob…

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