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Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - Houston

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Everyone knows that the Beyhive goes HARD in the paint for their leader Beyonce. But a 22-year-old Houston woman might just be the dumbest most dedicated Beyonce fan in the world. Prior to Bey’s concert in her hometown of Houston a few nights ago the woman, Chyna Johnson tweeted that she had used all of her rent money on tickets to the Formation World Tour and could not afford to pay her rent.

Some of the woman’s followers had no sympathy for her, but there were actually some people who empathized with her and even offered a place to stay.

While some people replied to her tweet saying they had no sympathy, other Bey fans totally understood her reasoning

One person said: “Take me with you and you got a place to stay” while another commented that it was “honestly worth it.”

She told BuzzFeed : “My priorities are definitely in check to be honest. I just am a die-hard Beyoncé fan.

“I had the time of my life. Literally.”

The Beyhive never ceases to amaze me…


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