The Game

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Fans of The Game won’t be happy with this news, but the Cali-rapper says that he’s hanging it up after his next album, Westside Story.

At a recent concert stop in Moscow, Russia (Dec. 18), The Game confessed that he’s a wanted man in L.A. and that he’s gonna chill out, and write his next album, which will be his final.

When I get back to L.A. I’m going straight to jail because I fuckin’ had a fight with a police officer and shit. So, I’m gonna sit down for a minute and I’m gonna write my next album, which is probably gonna be my last album. It’s called Westside Story. It’s gonna be some ill shit. But I don’t even really give a fuck about that, man. All I give a fuck about is my music, my kids, my fans, and my family.”

The Game might want to reconsider retirement, considering he still has $7 Million to cough up...


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