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TMZ is reporting that former NFL great Michael Irvin is in hot water down in South Florida. Irvin is reportedly being accused of sexual assault by a woman he met on South Beach.

The woman says that she and Irvin were having drinks on South Beach and eventually went back to his hotel room where she began to feel sick. She says the last thing she can remember is defending herself from his aggressive advances.

When she awoke she says she called the police fearing that she was drugged and raped, the police advised her to get a rape kit from the hospital. She even texted Irvin to ask if they had sex and he responded by saying he would never hurt her.

Irvin on the other hand has a VERY different story. He says the he along with several other people including his accuser were out drinking until 4:30 a.m. He states that he went back to his hotel to get his things for an early flight. Irvin says the woman followed him there, he only spent 15 mins in the room and made no sexual contact with the accuser.

According to Irvin the woman is a cosmetologist and even sent him a text the next day asking him to come and get a facial. Irving has put his lawyers on the case so we will see what happens.