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Our perception of the world shapes our entire existence. It is the foundation of our ideas, attitudes, and life — essentially a comprehensive system of beliefs. More often than not, our views are most influenced by a number of factors such as religion, background, race, ethnicity, where we were raised, to name a few.

Assessing how we, as well as others, see life helps us to understand why people see the world as they do. It helps us have a meaningful dialogue with others about their basic outlook on life and what ultimately motivates their beliefs and responses.

In The Q, we ask a mix of our favorite influencers with varying perspectives on just about everything in life to examine what’s unique about the way they view the world.

The video features Cleaverly Chloé, podcast/web TV host; Nile “LowKey” Ivey, co-creator of Hennypalooza and blogger; Mouse Jones, host, curator, and activist; and Charise Frazier, HelloBeautiful’s own pop-culture news junkie.

We tapped Jamal Jimoh, well-known social media personality and co-host of the podcast Marisa Explains It All, to pose the question.


The Q: If You Could Have Dinner With Any Three Women, Past Or Present, Who Would They Be?

The Q: What Are Three Things You Can’t Live Without?

The Q: Who Is Your Favorite Musician Of All Time?

The Q: What Is Unique About How You See The World?  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com