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Yesterday, the Internet went bonkers for a Kickstarter project hocking rompers for dudes. The RompHim, which is currently dividing Americans in debate, has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal nearly seven times over (at the time this article was published they had made over $68,000 dollars in less than two days). That’s a lot of cash for something that looks a lot like an adult onesie. You may not be that surprised to learn that the four co-founders behind the RompHim have yet to graduate business school, and that this project began as an independent study project.

They’re now finishing up a course in “new venture development” which is “focused on helping startups build their brands and properly launch a product.” Or whatever. We’re pretty sure they’ll pass, but can the foursome make male rompers something more than just a flash in the pan? Or is this something you’re bound to receive from your bro-y cousin as a joke gift? One thing’s for sure: the RompHim’s wild popularity is evidence that the American man’s thirst for comfortable clothing and convenience may never be quenched. To answer our many questions and calm our nerves, we spoke to two of the four cofounders, Daniel Webster Clark and Elaine Chen, from their headquarters at Northwestern University about their viral success and how they made rompers man friendly