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Every Memorial Day weekend, a great migration of Black LGBTQ people arrives in D.C. for one thing — D.C. Black Pride.

Black Pride provides various workshops, activities, concerts, and of course, day parties for your life. In the past, it has brought performers like Brandy and Remy Ma. This time, the weekend brought in someone with a history of speaking up for the LGBT community, despite getting heat for it.

R&B singer Tank graced the stage at a Black Pride event and serenaded the crowd, giving them shirtless croons and everything. Video is below.

Many people on  Twitter were living for it.

But of course you had the haters and speculators…

But in the end, a lot of folks identified with the bag he secured and him being comfortable with his sexuality.

Tank, who identifies as one of the heteros, has continually challenged peoples ideas about manhood and sexuality, even going as far as condemning the way people use “gay” as a negative term. Hopefully, he won’t be the last hetero male R&B singer to show his support for queer communities.

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