It’s safe to say that black hair is always a topic of discussion in some shape, way or form. Be it because we’re slaying and have it laid for the gawds; be it because it’s being culturally appropriated, or be it because our wigs are getting snatched [literally] because we didn’t secure them properly.

Today, it is because Black Twitter feels like Victoria’s Secret, ASOS, and other fashion sites have model Zuri Tibby all the way f*cked up as they put it; because they feel as though the necessary steps to make sure homegirls hair was laid weren’t taken care of during these shoots.

Twitter user @CrownedByChina tweeted a screenshot of Zuri from Victoria’s Secret website with the caption, “Black lives matter! Say her name! We gotta help sis out!!! VICTORIA GOT SIS F*CKED UP!”

I just wanna know why she allowed them to snap her like that??

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