Actor Orlando Jones arrives at the worl

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Over the last couple of years, Orlando Jones has built such an online presence that he’s earned a new moniker: #Trollando.

The comedian is never shy about speaking out on controversial topics like race and politics, and his recent fiery rant just further confirmed his wokeness. In a Facebook video, Trollando slammed Black people who are suddenly appalled by Bill Maher‘s controversial comment about being a “house ni****.”

At first, the MADtv alum took his frustrations to Twitter, tweeting:

But apparently the “fake woke” outrage over Maher’s bad joke pissed Jones off more than the comment itself. He feels that the Real Time host has been pushing the limit and being offensive for years, and as soon as he says the n-word, Black people are up in arms. See below:

Although Jones’ analogy about Bill Clinton‘s “three strikes law” is a little imprecise, he makes some powerful points.

Check out the intense video above.

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