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Amber Rose debuted her bush during the NBA Finals and the Internet went wild. Her display brought on strong discussions regarding bush politics and more. While you may not be taking the #AmberRoseChallenge or proudly displaying your pubic hair on the Internet, you can definitely bring some style to your v-fro, if you choose.


*warning* You are about to see Amber Rose’s vagina photo. Please stop scrolling if you do not want to see. 


Amber Rose shows off her styled bush in all it’s faded glory.

She’s serving 90’s house party vibes!


You sparkle, so why shouldn’t she? Glam out down there. This look is especially flirty while wearing a multi-strap bathing suit. This look was started by NYC aesthetician Cindy Barshop and has continued over the past few years. You can bedazzle your own (stick to the mons pubis area). Check out these body crystals and create your own designs. If you aren’t feeling creative, you can purchase these cherries, tell ’em to get to the point, or even for the bride to be.


This will never go out of style. Whether you’re showing yourself some love (or your partner) a heart is sweet and sexy. You can check out Beekini Shapers that will help you DIY for under $10.00.


I mean, with our vagina’s containing the holy grail of sex (the clitoris) and it’s purpose solely being for pleasure, of course it’s a gift! Don’t be afraid to show it. Pubic hair stencils are great options whether you wax, shave, or nair that will allow you to achieve this shape.


Jazz up your landing strip and turn it into a lightning bolt. ’nuff said.

Beauties, how do you style your pubic hair? Tell us in the comments!


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