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DJ Enuff's Birthday Party

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Funkmaster Flex has found himself caught up in yet another hip hop beef.

The Hot 97 DJ hit instagram over the weekend with a few jokes that Suge Knight, Jr. didn’t appreciate. If you’ll recall, the former Death Row Records CEO was charged with murder back in February 2015 in a hit-and-run that killed one and injured another.

On Saturday, Flex posted a video of Suge in court. His caption is what caught Knight, Jr.’s attention See below.

Soon after, Knight, Jr. caught wind of the joke and had a few thoughts of his own, aimed at Flex, who he says is a “low life.”

@funkflex Whoa Flex now you crossing the line. You're a lowlife and only a punk to even say this while my pops is locked up unjustly. You're way too old to be keeping up this division between us black men and you also show how much you lack being a man. Whatever you're mad about 20 years ago you should've pressed the issue 20 years ago. You're a lame OG and you will never be an OG because you still move like a little bitch. Bad representation of the east & Thats why you're a female bro. You was just crying not too long ago… All I'm going to say is leave my family alone dude because we not worried about you, but you really asking for it and you not worth it. Plus if we check you, then we are the bullies all because a punk like you wanted some attention. #FreeSuge #LetThatHurtGo #BeRoleModelNotABitch

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Flex has since responded by updating his original caption. “UPDATED! N*ggas worried about my post… Defend that honor to the barber with the quick hands or them “homies” doing interviews.. @sugejknight Hahaha!!!!!!! I respect your opinion… respect mine! Been talking that talk on and off the radio!” Flex wrote.

Flex also posted his full explanation on why he had jokes. Read below:

My brother I hear your point… and I'm going to break it down… I watched your father (in person) mid nineties get on that Source Award stage and display such bad energy towards People that looked up to him I couldn't believe it! He forever divided people with negativity because a new team was coming along shining bright! But what Suge didn't know is that no matter what coast u was from…. SUGE had an amazing blue print with DeathRow that every new comer to the Buisness wanted to copy… He helped artist that couldn't help themselves… which in the music Buisness gets the utmost respect! But you are young and u aren't dumb! Your father helped fuel that beef on every level… and that I did witness first hand… u yourself started our encounter with "tuff" talk because u know what your father means to "some people" so if your going to be @sugejknight u should know what comes with that energy! I know it's hard because u are born into a "situation" ! Your dad helped Many people and he hurt many people also… he created an energy that hurt lives…. and he has never acknowledged his wrong doings! I hope the system doesn't take advantage of him but I hope if he gets a second chance at life he does things differently! Been very hard to let it go my brother but I will try.

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But Knight, Jr. isn’t here for any of it:

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