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First of all, to the person who leaked the Starz media room link and subsequently the las three episodes of Power:  You messed up my workflow. Now none of us (in the media) can watch episodes in advance and prepare recaps properly so I hope all the bad things in life happen to you.


Anyway, tonight’s episode of Power opens with James stopping by Silver’s crib to see if he has seen Proctor around. That situation is still a situation. Siler hasn’t spoken to Proctor in about a week, but the more pressing issue is the look on Silver’s face when James finds one of Tasha’s earrings on the floor and says, “I didn’t know you had a lady.” Silver literally looked like this:


He played it off well though, but what’s done in the dark…you know how that saying goes.

Saxe, Donovan and Angela are all on to Sandoval, but Saxe points out that the surveillance footage isn’t solid enough to bring him down. That’s when Angela is like, well, actually, guys…

Basically, she has Sandoval’s burner phone and some phone calls she traced that uphold the theory that Sandoval is the one who dropped dime about Lobos’ transfer, which would mean that he’s the mole. This is good, but they still need something more solid to nail Sandoval, for real, for real.

Reina is trying to convince her parents to let her transfer to a school in Connecticut  while Tariq is still being a jackass. He’s not trying to do anything except for be a fake criminal. He makes plans with “Brains” to set up another robbery. Hold that thought, though. It’s going to get rough.


James and Dre link up with Councilman Tate (played by Larenz Tate) in Queens. Tate is working on some neighborhood development of his own and is showing James around. James is digging it, but, you know, Stern. In other news, Dre tells Ghost (because the switch up happens in the blink of an eye) that Tommy is ready to go to war with the Toroses. Later on, Dre tells their peeps to strap up in preparation for an impending war. Basically, everyone is shook about war with the Toroses because it’s just…like bringing a knife to a gunfight (no pun intended). Dre is adamant about this and says that if the connect wants to go to war they gotta go to war. That’s just what it is.

That face you make when you know Dre’s lies are going to catch up to him and it won’t be pretty.


Tommy confronts his mother about Tony Teresi and she claims that he is not Tommy’s father. She sticks to her story, Tommy’s real father left them and now he’s dead. Tommy kinda sorta seems to believe it and leaves in a huff to catch up with Ghost, but his mom definitely has a guilty look on her face.


Tommy and Ghost get down to business. They discuss the impending war with the Toroses that they probably can’t win. Tommy mentions how even Jimenezes ain’t really trying to help, but Ghost thinks he can change their minds. Later on Ghost tries to convince them to help, but we still don’t get a concrete answer. They said they’ll be in touch and Tommy says he’s ready to go to war if they don’t respond in a timely manner. Always the hot head.


James finally links with Proctor to see what’s up. Proctor is acting wild shady and mentions that ping from Bailey’s phone that places Bailey’s last known location at his house. That’s obviously pretty bad. Proctor maintains that he was thorough getting rid of everything else that could be used as evidence, and that Ghost can trust him, but he’s a little too jittery. Plus, the feds aren’t just going to let up. The phone ping doesn’t prove anything yet, but it’s a pretty strong cause for suspicion.


Tommy goes back to Teresi’s spot in Queens, claiming he’s looking for Sammy, and chats with Connie (Teresi’s wife). Sammy isn’t home, but Tommy and Connie have an awkward exchange. Connie mentions that she doesn’t know any Egan’s in Brooklyn, then the conversation takes a turn. Connie starts talking bout how she bets Tommy’s mom has a “pretty Irish name” (because you know, Irish and red hair go together). At some point Tommy browses an old photo of Teresi holding a baby and eventually he leaves since Sammy isn’t around, but it’s hard to miss Connie looking at Tommy kinda funny. This is loaded.


Later on we find out that photo was of Teresi holding Tommy as a baby. Tommy confronts his mom about this. She tells him that she only half lied because Teresi actually did say he’d come back and never returned (that photo was the last time he saw Tommy). Tommy leaves in a rage. Later on, Tommy’s mom visits Teresi and tells him to stay away from Tommy, like he agreed to,  or she’ll tell Connie about his son she doesn’t know about. Teresi does not back down. He says,  “I might be locked up, but it’s not a good idea to threaten me.”

Y’all, Tommy and Teresi are definitely related!


Saxe seems to be playing both sides (but not really). He meets with Sandoval at a bar and tells him about Angela’s potential evidence (this is a set up). Naturally Sandoval takes the bait and stops by Angela’s place with the burner tucked in his jeans. He cuts to the chase, he knows she thinks he’s the mole and that he killed Greg. Angela starts rattling off her theories about him from her investigation. At first you’re like, WTF, this is the same way Greg got popped, by revealing that he knew too much too fast! Anyway, she asks what Lobos had on him and he says Lobos was going to kill his daughter. That’s when we see why she’s so calm. It’s because the feds are watching this whole thing play out.

They start to move in as Sandoval tells her she’s dirty too. She says she’s innocent, and she is as far as criminal activity goes, but this is part of Sandoval’s game. He was there to kill Angela and frame her as co-conspirator with Jamie and say that he shot her in self defense. She brings up the point that it’s not self defense if he shoots her in the back.

He made her turn around and was literally going to shoot her in the back.


Anyway, this point she brought up bought her enough time to stall him. She manages to turn around swiftly and shoots him, not fatally, though and just before the feds rush in she tells him he can still redeem himself by being a witness. Hold that thought though because this is heavy.


By now it’s clear that Tariq still needs his butt whooped, but actually, he’s going to get a whole lot more than that and it’s tragic.

Tariq’s links up with Brains, and another one of Kanan and Jukebox’s goons for another robbery. It’s the same deal. Tariq stops by one of his rich friend’s house pretending to sell candy. The mom is home alone and greets Tariq. Once she pulls out the money and a diversion is successfully created,they bust in and go to work. Brains puts the gun to Tariq’s face to make it look real, and even knocks him down as the other goon drags the woman upstairs. Brains congratulates Tariq on playing the hell out of the situation, tells him to leave, and goes upstairs. Finally, you can see that Tariq is finally realizing what a jerk he has been and that this isn’t really what he wants. Too late.

Instead of leaving, Tariq goes upstairs and finds Brains looking for loot, and the other one looking like he was about to rape the woman despite Brains telling him not to. Tariq then yells out, “Brains tell him to stop!”


Then Brains says, “I really wish you didn’t just say that.” He shoots the lady in the head and Tariq bolts out of there. Too bad it took all of that for him to realize that he’s not as hard as he thought.


Angela informs Silver that Sandoval was arrested for Greg’s murder. Silver stops by the St. Patrick residence to give Tasha and James the good news–all while exchanging shady eyes with Tasha over their complicated situation.

Now we find Proctor linking with Tommy and Ghost to discuss the Sandoval problem. Because Sandoval knows about the the latter two’s criminal activities and that they killed Lobos.  Remember when Angela said he can be a witness? She was implying that he could sing like a bird and take Ghost and Tommy (and now Proctor) down in exchange for a lesser sentence. Ghost states what they all know–Sandoval gotta go. Tommy suggests they get Teresi to do it. Tommy calls his pappy and puts in the request and it literally takes nothing for Teresi to agree to it. Teresi doesn’t do it himself, though. He makes the right moves to get it set up and then we fast forward to Sandoval’s throat getting slit.

I would pour one out for him, but he won’t be missed.

Not even a Michael Jordan crying face meme. Tuh!

Anyway, Dre links up with the Jimenezes and says he wants to be the biggest drug dealer in NYC and he can’t do it working for Tommy. Lordt. This playing both sides thing is just…smh. Anyway, he tells them he can move an obscene amount of weight for them if they just give him the chance. In short, he really just wants to be like Ghost. The Jimenezes agree, and Dre plans to make moves behind Tommy’s back. In other news, Tommy calls off the war with the Toros gang.

Then we see Proctor going to a special mailbox where he keeps…the laptop. THE LAPTOP!!!! HE STILL HAS THE LAPTOP!!!!!


Brains hasn’t stopped calling Tariq ever since that day and now all of a sudden, Tariq tells his dad he wants to go to the school in Connecticut.


Finally, the episode concludes with Angela, John and Saxe stand over Sandoval’s lifeless body, disappointed that all the useful information they were going to get has gone to the grave. The men walk out while Angela lingers. She kneels over his body and says, “That was for Greg.”



She. Set. Him. Up.

She knew that Ghost and Tommy weren’t gonna go out like that and that.  



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