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4A, 4B, and 4C are greatly underrepresented in the natural hair community. Kinky curly hair in the realm of natural hair, tends to take more manipulation for defined curls and minimized frizz. It’s also the hair texture that one tends to see less in advertisements. Thanks to many YouTube vloggers and Instagram hair girls, kinky curly hair has been shown more love.

Refinery 29 created a video and captioned, “Do you have kinky 4C hair and are looking to define and preserve your curls during the hot summer months?”

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As a girl with 4B hair (which is often considered a more ‘manageable’ version of 4C hair), I understand the struggle. Product tends to “sit” on 4C hair, so it requires more work for absorption, and because 4C hair has such tightly coiled curls, it almost looks like no definition. What started like a good idea, ended up in shambles in the comment section.

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After posting the video, they commented with all the products used to achieve the look with instructions. The Internet let Refinery 29 know that this was a poor representation of a hair type that is often stigmatized.

Refinery 29 Short Cuts Video For Textured Hair

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Comments ranged from, people thinking it was a parody video to others being angry that they would even try to instruct Black women to do their hair like this. Many white people had things to say as well, which further sparked discussion and Black people quickly letting them know that our hair is not up for discussion.

Damn, and to think it all started with a twist out. Beauties, what are your thoughts? Tell us in the comment section and take our poll:


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