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At an early age, Kimora Hudson set her mind on attending college. She’s wasted no time in pursuing that goal. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Hudson, 13, is the youngest student this fall at the University of West Georgia.

“When she was a baby, this was always the vision,” Fawn Hudson, Kimora’s mother, told the University of West Georgia News. “Even when she was a few months old her doctor was saying she is a little advanced.”

UWG News said Hudson, a proactive parent, began mentoring Kimora at age 4, guiding her in thinking “outside the box and beyond academics.” She focused on encouraging her daughter and other young people not to put off pursing their goals.

Kimora entered the university’s dual enrollment program as a 9th grader. Under the program, she travels to the university’s campus twice a week, where she takes college level courses in biology, biology lab and public speaking this semester. In two years, she’s expected to graduate high school with enough credits to be a college junior, The AJC said.

“I love science and I know I want to go into the medical field,” Kimora told UWG New. “I really like psychology and neurology, or anything dealing with the brain. Last year I took a class called the Psychology of Memory and it was really interesting. Since my mom works with psychology I have been exposed to it and I really like it.”

Along the way, Kimora is sharing her college journey on Instagram and “Kimora Leigh,” her blog.

“I want to help bring a community together for young Black women,” she told The AJC. “I want to be an advocate for people who step out the box and express themselves. I’m going to keep going.”

SOURCE:  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, University of West Georgia News


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