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Steve Harvey is having some serious regrets for his past shuckin’ and jiving’ for President Trump

The comedian recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about his upcoming TV show, his contested meeting with #45 and his infamously leaked staff memo. 

“It was so vicious that it really threw me. I was being called names that I’ve never been called: Uncle Tom. A coon. A sellout. Because I went to see this man?! Which only happened because my business partner got a call from the Obama transition team, who said that the Trump transition team would like to set up a meeting,” Harvey told THR.

IronicallyHarvey tried to blame “the Obama transition team,” saying they were in charge for arranging the meeting. He says our former president’s people said  that sitting down with  “good idea” in the spirit of encouraging dialogue.

Did he though?

Meanwhile, Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Bridges, advised him to skip that mess, and for whatever reason he ain’t listen.

“I’m supposed to be on a boat for my 60th birthday, so my wife says, ‘Steve, just take off [and skip the meeting]. You’ll meet with him some other time,’” Harvey recalled. “God, I should’ve listened.”

According to Harvey, he and Trump talked about golf for 20 minutes before he admitted that he “campaigned very hard” for Trump’s far more competent opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The two haven’t spoken since (SHOCKER). And Harvey and Housing and Urban Development head Ben Carson, however, are apparently set to make some sort of “vision center” announcement by year’s end.



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