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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood was a little slow, but definitely not without drama. The episode begins at Moniece’s showcase. So many showcases, not enough good music, but I digress. Moniece can sing, but the song isn’t really that memorable. The real tea dished in this scene is that Masika and Misterr Ray have gotten ahold of Zellswag and Alexis Skyy’s dis track against them. They’re pissed, of course, but Moniece wants them to let her handle it because her “petty cup has been replenished.” Hold that thought.

Keyshia Cole found out that her father is Virgil Hunter, a legendary boxing coach, not too long ago. So, here they are hanging out because if it’s not on camera it’s not real, right? Anyway, good for them, but boring for us.


The beef between Brooke and Bridget is heating up. Brooke finds out that Bridget recorded the song that she was supposed to record with Marcus. Eventually, Brooke and Bridget link up. Brooke doesn’t mention the song yet, though. She plans to hold on to this info she has until Marcus’ showcase coming up so she can confront them both. Mind you, Brooke still doesn’t know about Bridget and Booby’s trip to Catalina because Bridget’s trifling arse hasn’t brought it up yet (even after Brooke mentioned that she turned down Booby’s invitation). In fact, Bridget feels like she did a favor by taking Booby off Brooke’s hands so she can go focus on Marcus, especially since she was only dealing with Booby to hurt Marcus anyway. Lordt.


But the gag is, Bridget was surprised that Booby asked Brooke to go to Catalina first, so now she’s wondering if Booby was just trying to use her to make Brooke jealous.


Moniece’s petty surfaces by her serving Alexis Skyy a cease and desist letter. Alexis Skyy tears it up. Anti-climactic much? C’mon son! Moniece can be pettier than that!


Remember how Fizz Dreux has watched the New Edition biopic been on a quest to reunite B2K? He knew it would be hard to get Omarion on board and Apryl, Omarion’s ex, confirmed this when she mentioned that Omarion is just not interested. Y tho? What is he doing now?

Anyway, Fizz Dreux even mentions that Omarion changed his number and won’t respond on Instagram. Womp womp.

Whatever. Fizz Dreux mentions to Ray J that he and J-Boog think the three of them should do a super group, and Ray J is into it.

Now we’re at Marcus’ showcase. Brooke finally confronts Bridget and Marcus about the song and then asks whether they had sex or not (they claim they didn’t), but things eventually go all the way left when the conversation gets heated and Bridget mentions her weekend of fun with Booby. Brooke says that if Bridget wasn’t her girl she’d drag her, but they made a pact that they wouldn’t throw hands out of respect for their friendship. What kind of friendship is this? Bridget’s lack of remorse suggests that she probably should have been dragged, but whatevs.

Finally, we’re at some kind of rehearsal for a showcase that Donatella put together. Masika and Hazel-E are both performing, but didn’t know about each other. Masika gets to the venue first, then Hazel-E comes out on stage and Masika wastes no time running up. Security breaks them up, albeit late, but Nasal Hazel-E literally got her wig snatched. One time for Masika calling Hazel-E “Nostrildomus!” That girl needs to be on Wild ‘n Out.


This is far from over. Next week is the season finale and THEN it’s the reunion. You already know it’s about to be wild.


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