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Singer, songwriter and Love & Hip Hop star Lyrica Anderson stopped for a chat on the red carpet at Blitz 2017 to talk about music and Love & Hip Hop. Her new single, “Don’t Take It Personal” is currently in the Top 50 on the charts and her new album Adia is coming out on Friday.

BlogXilla, who conducted the interview, reminded her of the power of The Blitz: “Last year, I sat on this very red carpet, and I spoke to my homegirl Cardi B, and we had a great time, and (now) she’s the biggest thing in music.”

As for Lyrica, she’s been using another platform to advance her career: a little show called Love & Hip Hop. “The show is a dope outlet to really allow more viewers to see what you do. And of course, you’ve gotta mix in what’s really going on in your life. Sometimes it involves a little bit of drama,” she says. “So when you just prepare yourself mentally for what it comes with, try not to read the comments too much, you’re ok.”

Good advice. See what else she had to say in the video above.


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