Flow Festival 2016 - Day 1

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If we can’t protect the best of us — Lil B — we have failed as a nation!

Lil B was jumped at the Rolling Loud Festival by A Boogie and his goons and it’s being reported that PNB Rock was involved as well. Lil B took the stage to tell his fans that he could not perform due to the fact that his equipment was stolen.

He later took to Twitter and said that he has no plans to retaliate and he has love for everyone.

Take a look at the video of him being jumped below.

“Hey man, A Boogie and his whole crew just jumped me in the back, man and beat me up in the back, man. That shit crazy, man. But I’mma tell y’all like this, it’s all love. I don’t promote violence, I’m never with the violence. So I love them and it’s all good, you feel me? It’s all good. I said something about Boogie’s music, and they all got mad and they jumped me about that so it’s all good. I’m still here. I got jumped by like 10 motherfuckers… Me by myself. It’s all love though, like I said it’s all love. And I got love for everybody. So I just wanted to tell y’all because they stole my shit and everything so I can’t even do my show ’cause they stole my shit. Hey, but I say it’s all love though and I love them and I love y’all. This is just a testament to show just ’cause somebody do something to y’all don’t mean you got to retaliate. It don’t matter. God is good, I’m alive. We all alive! It’s your boy, Lil B shout-outs to the Based God! Hey, new Lil B music soon man. I’m about to hit this doctor make sure I’m all good, man. These n****s fucked me up. Let’s get it.”

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