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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Two

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murdervis a therapy session for Bonnie, but with lots of flashbacks in between. We start with “Julie” (Bonnie) meeting with the counselor, the one she suspiciously shares with Annalise. Like, how is this not a conflict of interest for him? Don’t worry, we’ll get there. But anyway, Julie reveals that she came there to hurt Annalise (but she doesn’t say Annalise’s name).

And now we flashback to 2002.

We see that Annalise is co-defense on a case where Bonnie was a the plaintiff on a rape trial (a councilman is being accused of rape), but that’s all we get right now. The next scene cuts to Annalise’s kids in the present. It’s the same ol’ same ol’ but it’s worth it to mention that Laurel and Frank are getting it on again. He even asks her if the baby is really his. Laurel says it’s not, but then she contradicts herself by insinuates that it actually could be his (because she mentions that she lied to Wes the night he asked her if she cheated on him with Frank). Looks like a visit to Maury Povich is in order.


Anyway, Frank says he wants to take care of Laurel and the baby, but Laurel tells him to get out. Frank leaves looking super confused but we all know that Laurel is an emotional wreck.


Also in the present, Annalise is back on her public defender steez and she’s going hard to get plaintiffs together in her class action suit against Virginia Cross.

Back in 2002, we see Bonnie on the stand talking about how her father has repeatedly raped her in addition to several other men that her father allowed (these were all high profile men who are now all in prison). She got pregnant at 15, didn’t know who the father was and doesn’t know what happened to the baby because she passed out during labor and when she woke up the baby was gone.

Bonnie’s testimony definitely touches Annalise, but she’s in a frustrating position. She has to discredit Bonnie if she wants to impress her co-counsel (white men) and advance her career, and that is exactly what she does.  Annalise lets Bonnie have it and eventually wins the case, but she quits the firm because she feels awful for what she did. Later on Annalise tells Sam that she wants them to help Bonnie. Annalise finds Bonnie, admits that what she did was despicable and convinces Bonnie that she could be a good lawyer with the right guidance. The rest is history. 


Meanwhile, Michaela is doing well at her new firm. In fact, her boss gifts her with a banging pair of Louboutin’s, but that won’t stop Michaela from sneaking around. Michaela links up with Oliver to hack into the Caplan and Gold database. Hold that thought. 

Just when Annalise’s case against Virginia starts looking up, the defendants start dropping out one by one, telling her that they’re not signing on to the case. It’s because Bonnie is going behind her back and offering the plaintiffs better deals, basically being a psycho bih because Annalise dumped her.


Annalise confronts Bonnie and tells her that she was trying to do something good for once. Bonnie then goes off on her, talking about she only does anything for herself, yatta yatta. Annalise then tells Bonnie that she was never trash in her eyes and she comes to tears as she tells Bonnie to look at what she has done. And then we see that this is the trigger that sent Bonnie running to her therapist where Bonnie reveals that she loves and misses Annalise and it hurts her to admit this. Speaking of missing Annalise, Connor pays Annalise a visit, which is crazy because if they all hate Annalise so much (who has done nothing but help and protect them, btw) then why do they chase after her like baby ducks? Anyway, it looks like Annalise isn’t giving up on her case and she’s going to need help. That would be Connor, one of the ones who professed his hatred for her the loudest. Now look at him.


Michaela and Oliver uncovered more of Laurel’s dad’s criminal activities (this time he possibly had someone killed for preparing to blow the whistle on him) and they’re all freaking out, and fearful for their lives. Michaela is also afraid that the firm will think its Tegan that went into the files. Meanwhile, Asher thinks Michaela is cheating on him because of all her late nights and because he catches her in a lie (she tells him she’s one place but she’s elsewhere and he sees her).


Just when you wonder how the therapist is able to have Bonnie and Annalise as a client without it being a conflict of interest, we find out that Bonnie lied to him. That’s where “Julie” came from. The therapist figures out that she was talking about Annalise all along and it seems like this is triggering for him.

Then we cut to the end of the episode, with Bonnie beginning her investigation into the murder at Caplan and Gold. Bonnie asks who is the suspect, and the investigator says what sounds like Kayla or Kaylynn (it’s not Michaela though), but then we see Asher sitting in prison balling his eyes out.

And once again we’re all confused.

Seriously, what is happening!


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