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Many of you may remember back in 2014 when a little girl, named Relisha Rudd, went missing in the D.C area. Unfortunately, Relisha has not been found and there are still many questions that we would like answered. Steve Wilkos attempted to help us gain understanding by having Relisha’s family members join him on his show. During the show all of the family members, including the father, took lie detector tests, EXCEPT for the mother. Strange? We thought so too. The mother claims to not have to “prove” anything to anyone, but her actions are making us question her innocence in the matter even more. Why do you think the mother refused to take the lie detector test? You think she knows where Relisha is? Or do you think she is involved? Well, you know we will be the first to give you any updates on the matter once they are released. In the meantime, lets continue to pray for the Rudd family and Relisha’s safe return.