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Love and Hip-Hop New York Season 8 winds down with the standard two-part reunion series. As you know, the cast and crew got together to rehash their petty. Some of the highlights include Judy’s (Mendeecees mother) blonde wig and Fashion Nova bodycon dress (more on that in a minute), Anais being Anais, Bri coming for Remy, yes, Bri coming for Remy, and Snoop running up on Lames James R.

Let’s get into these moments.

Anais and Ruben are still working on their marriage, but of course, they have to discuss her indiscretions. Enter Rich. Rich maintains that Anais misled him to believe that her marriage was over. Anais brings up a good point, though. She and Rich are both responsible for their actions. She told Rich that her marriage was over without actually being divorced and Rich chose to move forward with this dubious situation. But whatever. Rich is still going to be a creep. Lesson probably not learned.


The Bianca vs. Bri situation gets put on the table. Remy and Juju call Bri out for sneak dissing but then trying to play the victim after stirring the pot. Remy breaks it down by telling her that she can’t be surprised when people want to fight her in person after her internet thuggary. Bri even gets out of pocket with Remy for a hot second, but Remy promptly tells her to “sit her little ass down.” Things get back on track and Bri apologizes, but it’s not clear whether Bri really got the message.


Mendeecees’ mother came through wearing a blonde bob wig, and a white bodycon dress with a high slit, looking like a mature Insta-baddie. This is the same woman who was stalking Yandy’s life all season, claiming that her behavior was inappropriate and that she wasn’t dressing like a married woman should.


That whole situation was a mess, especially when Yandy found out that Judy was allegedly creeping on her husband. Judy claims she wasn’t (nor is she) married and that’s that. Then Mendeecees calls with a message for Yandy. Loosely translated he tells her to behave herself while he’s on lockdown.


Remy has been undergoing IVF treatment and that has been going well. According to Remy, at the time of taping, they’ll know whether she’s pregnant or not soon. That was back in January and we still have no confirmation whether Remy is pregnant or not (and you can’t tell in her IG pics), but hopefully, Remy and Papoose get their little rapping bundle of joy.

Speaking of babies, Lil’ Mo is pregnant again. Sooo…we can assume that she and Karl are good.

Finally, the episode concludes with Snoop flying out of her chair at lames James R. James R. was there to discuss his stuff with Mariahlynn, etc. At some point, he and Snoop get into it and James R line steps by telling her to make up her mind about whether she wants to be a male or female and….we fade to black, but not before the preview for next week of Snoop attempting to handle him.


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