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Kanye West, adidas

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Kim Kardashian has been absolutely killing it lately with her futuristic ensembles complimenting her new pink hair. The family has been in Tokyo and Kim’s outfits have reportedly all been Yeezy Season 7, but it looks like the public may never get a chance to rock those same pieces we’ve ben gawking over on Kim.

With puffy jackets, tight spandex bottoms, and some dope 3M pieces, there’s no question that the Season 7 ensembles Kim K have been wearing show just how different these are than Kanye West‘s 6 past collections. The problem? Yeezy Season 7’s actual release will reportedly feature only shoes, no clothes. So what happened to all those previews we’ve been seeing?

Reports came in on Tuesday afternoon that Kanye had invited stockists to an “empty” showroom for a surprise meeting. The alleged purpose of this meeting was to reveal that Yeezy Season 7 will include no apparel or accessories at all, because West wasn’t able to execute  his vision for the collection. There’s no confirmation from Ye himself that this is true or that his unhappiness with the clothing is the reason for their apparent non-release, but it’s not exactly a hard rumor to believe–he’s a perfectionist.


It looks like we’ll have to wait a while to see if this information is true when Yeezy Season 7 is actually announced and released. But one thing is for sure: The Yeezy Wave Runners are restocking on Adidas’ website on March 10.

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