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Love and Hip-Hop Miami is finally dunzo. The inaugural season concludes with the second part of the reunion, and we pick up from Young Nahllywood Hollywood trying to insinuate that Amara La Negra wanted him. Nope. What had really happened was, Amara La Negra visited him at the studio for business. It was late and he offered his place for her to stay because he lived right across the street and had an air mattress. She saw that he didn’t have sheets so she went and got some and that’s all it was. Young Hollywood was trying to make it into something it wasn’t, but they did not have sex. He should be so lucky.


Moving along…

We then get back on the topic of him poking her about her looks and the colorist remarks he made and how he mocked her. The entire convo is exhausting because he’s still trying to pretend that “Afro-Latino” isn’t a real identity. But he’s really just being willfully dumb. He tells Amara La Negra that she’s “super Spanish” and only hangs around “Spanish” people as if Amara La Negra hasn’t been saying this entire time that it’s possible to be both hence the term Afro-Latino, a term Young Hollywood claims he has never heard of. It’s hard to believe that someone who has spent any time in Miami doesn’t know what an Afro-Latino is given the city’s demographic make up, but I digress. In the same breath, Young Hollywood turns around and says that his mother is White and his father is Black and that they’re both “Spanish.” Spanish means from Spain, but whatever. It’s obvious he understands the nuances when it’s convenient for him, but overall he’s willfully dense. Even Juju jumps in and tries to explain using her parents, who are both Black Cubans, as examples, and he still just doesn’t get it so Nina Parker decides it’s time to move on.

Now we move on the Veronica Vega. This segment delves into the drama where Jojo basically called Veronica, Steph, and Young Hollywood out for trash talking about Amara La Negra and saying that she was blowing everything out of proportion. Steph claims that this situation isn’t about colorism and then she and Amara La Negra go back and forth a bit (and even the audience is visibly annoyed) when Steph has the nerve to say that Amara La Negra is offending her as a Black woman.


Steph just makes herself sound like those annoying light skinned Black people who deny colorism to their dying breath.

Is this really who Haitian-Americans want as their representative? Haiti, the first Black nation to successfully fight back against the colonizers (word to Wakanda)?

And Toussaint L’Ouverture wept…


Anyway, Young Hollywood gets so frustrated that he leaves because his brain is about to explode from being stupid “he doesn’t want to deal with this.” Steph and Veronica continue trying to play Amara like she’s trying to make this about her in order to milk a storyline. As if there’s not an entire lot of people who experience similar treatment! Even Juju jumps in and tries to have her girl’s back, but the delusion is real. It’s also important to note that Juju isn’t even on this cast and she’s the only one trying to defend Amara with the actual factuals.

Oh and get this, Nina Parker asks Veronica how she identifies and Veronica says she identifies as Black. If you recall, during the season, Veronica mentions that her great-grandmother was Black and she’s from Hialeah.

It’s even more frustrating when you consider that not one of these people batted an eye when Veronica said she was Black. Sooo…Veronica can identify as Black and it’s cool, but Amara says she’s Afro-Latino and all hell breaks loose?


Liz learns about Prince’s inappropriate behavior with Gabby (because they show racy footage of the two that hadn’t previously been seen) and storms off the stage. Shay follows her and tells her that she has been there and talks her back on the stage. Basically, she needs to say what she needs to say or she’ll regret it. Liz comes back and she’s in tears. She’s genuinely hurt but she says she’s done with Prince. Prince is stuck on stupid and doesn’t really have anything to say so there’s no real resolution other than the fact that Gabby and Prince are super messy. Perhaps this will get picked back up in season two.

Then we address Shay and Joy. If you recall, Shay threw hands at Joy because she was mad that Joy told Pleasure P that Shay had been hanging out with Scrappy. Bobby Lytes and Trina are pissed and express their disdain for Shay’s behavior. Shay apologizes, but it seems like a moot point because Joy wasn’t receptive and really, Shay shouldn’t have run up. It wasn’t that deep.

Gunplay has gotten sober again. He had us worried during that crackish meltdown on the show, but he says Keyara’s ultimatum helped him get back on track. Hopefully, he manages to stay clean.

We end with Amara La Negra performing her song, “Insecure” because she’s actually winning. It’s a good song too.

Moving forward, hopefully, Miami Tip and Bobby Lytes get more screen time during season two. No official season two announcement has been made, but it’s probably coming.


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