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A new type of thievery is sweeping over the Atlanta metro area called “Slider Crimes.” According to Atlanta police, Slider Crimes are when a motorist gets out and leaves a car door unlocked, the slider slides into the vehicle. Usually these crimes take place at gas stations. Sometimes the thief will actually steal the car, but more times than not they will grab belongings from the car, then hop in a trail car to leave the scene.

FOX 5 News has dived deeper into this new phenomenon and have uncovered some interesting facts. They found that Atlanta’s “hot spots” for “slider crimes” are West Paces and Northside in Buckhead.

Police have boosted arrests for this new crime, but it hasn’t stopped thieves from trying their luck.

According to 11Alive in 2017, at the 466 gas stations in Fulton County, 361 of them reported crime, most of which we’re “Slider Crimes.”

Police are continuing to work on solutions to solve this new age theft problem.

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