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Talk about not loyal. Ben Carson has been in endless scandals and lawsuits over the past two months. One being nearly $200,00 in office renovations, which included a $31,000 dining room set. First, Carson allegedly knew nothing about the dining room set. Then, it was proved he was a liar after an email leaked proving he and his wife were aware. Now, guess who the Honorable Ben Carson is blaming? His wife!

Today, Carson told the House Appropriations Committee that it was Candy Carson who purchased the $31,000 dining set for his office on the taxpayers’ dime. He said, “When I assumed the position I was told that traditionally secretaries redecorate their offices. You know, I’m not really big into decorating. If it were up to me, my office would probably look like a hospital waiting room. At any rate, I invited my wife in to come help me.” He continued, “I asked my wife also to help me with that. They showed us some catalogs. The prices were beyond what I wanted to pay and I made it clear that just didn’t seem right to me. I left it with my wife, I said ‘help choose something.’”

Then he throws her under the bus by saying, “I wasn’t that concerned about furniture. The next thing that I quite frankly heard about it was this $31,000 table had been bought. I said ‘What the heck is this all about?’ I investigated and I immediately had it canceled.”

Watch the receipts below:

Ben Carson blaming his wife for the dining room set would be like Candy Carson blaming him for her vocals on “The Star-Spangled Banner”… just saying. Even if this is the case, Carson has no loyalty to his wife? Shouldn’t he just take the blame as the person who is the actual secretary of HUD? Not very Christ-like, Dr. Carson. 



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