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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Portraits - Washington, DC

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

It’s no secret that former First Lady Michelle Obama is pretty well-loved, so much so that her Smithsonian National Portrait has to be moved because of huge demand.

According to CNNAmy Sherald’s painting of Mrs. Obama was recently relocated to a different part of the museum.

“We’re always changing things up here. Due to the high volume of visitors, we’ve relocated Michelle Obama’s portrait to the 3rd floor in our 20th-Century Americans galleries for a more spacious viewing experience,” the National Portrait Gallery tweeted earlier this month.

Since her and former President Obama’s portraits were unveiled, the museum has been packed with patrons, with a whopping 176,700 people in February 2018. CNN noted this was the biggest month at the Smithsonian in the past three years.

These numbers don’t surprise us given just how much Michelle’s stunning portrait means to us, especially young Black girls. Just last month we reported about a photo of a two-year-old girl staring at the painting that went viral. Afterwards, Michelle herself made sure she got a chance to meet Parker Curry face to face.

Too cute!

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