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When it comes to Instagram, all people really want is for our posts to be in chronological order. We’ve been begging the app’s innovators to change the algorithm since they first changed it in 2016, and it’s always seemed like our pleas fall on deaf ears. But now, it looks like Instagram has finally answered our prayers, well…kind of.

We all remember the days when Instagram used to show posts in chronological order, before they inexplicably changing their algorithm in March 2016. However, today, Instagram revealed in a press release that the company is making two exciting changes to its algorithm: a “new posts” option along with something that sounds a lot like taking steps toward a chronological feed.

Instagram’s VP of Product tweeted about the changes, explaining  that the first step in their changes on the app is putting, “newer posts closer to the top.”

Well later mentioned that making the feed “totally chronological” isn’t a good idea, because there are weaknesses there as well. He cites people close to you posting in the morning wouldn’t be visible to you when you check at night as an example.

The press release didn’t outright say that Instagram is going back toward chronological, but hopefully this is a move in the right direction. 

Here’s to opening Instagram and not seeing a post from 4 days ago at the top of our feeds!

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