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Some more horrible racist hate just got aired on Twitter and Facebook. A woman, who is White, posted a message to Lyft after one of its drivers referred to her Black boyfriend as a “f**king a**hole” and the N-word in Seattle over the weekend.

The driver also proceeded to throw the interracial couple out of the car because he didn’t like that they were together.

“He drove less than [half] a block before he asked us to get out of the car,” Alex Dugdale, the boyfriend of the woman Kylie Rae Steinbach, wrote on Facebook about the St. Patrick’s Day incident. “Kylie asked him why and I said “he didn’t like that we are a couple. After I exited the car he rolled down the window and yelled “you A**hole, fucking n****r ” at me and drove off.”

Dugdale had asked the driver to stop at 7-Eleven when they were allegedly hatefully commanded to get out of the vehicle. The racist driver also reportedly turned a dashboard camera around to record them.

“I couldn’t imagine what we possibly had done in that time,” Steinbach said to Seattle’s King 5 News. “Why on earth are we being told to get out of the car?”

Dugdale and Steinbach wanted to report the incident and asked Lyft to address the racism, they both wrote on social media.

But they initially got a tone-deaf response from Lyft, they said. Steinbach said the man who they spoke to “didn’t bother asking what the altercation was” and only said the company wouldn’t “pair you with [the] driver again.”

Lyft later told the pair that an investigation would be opened into the incident, the couple, who also filed a police complaint, said.

Dugdale and Steinbech want Lyft to review the dashcam video, fire the driver and apologize. The couple also wants to send the message that hate is never okay, and they will not tolerate intolerance.

“He said that word. He said the n-word, and because of that it took it to a whole other level of harassment,” Dugdale said.


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