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Twitter isn’t just a place for fun and games, it’s where we get the answers to some important life questions. Recently, one Twitter user posed a question, asking why certain women didn’t take their husband’s last names after marriage.

There were a slew of answers stemming from certain women being completely content with their own last name, or similar answers that have a much deeper meaning to them personally. Then comes Chrissy Teigen to save the day.

She’s been married to John Legend since 2013. After their wedding in Italy, Teigen ended up keeping her last name, and just never became Chrissy Legend. Why? Well for one, John Legend’s last name isn’t even Legend. Chrissy responded to the popular thread and broke down her reasoning very simply.

“My husband didn’t even take his last name?” the model and author stated, referring to the fact that John goes by a stage name (which was originally his nickname at the University of Pennsylvania).

She later elaborates saying she had planned all along to take his last name, but “never got around to it.”

She also doesn’t understand why other people care so much. Which she makes clear by talking to some guy named Chad.

There you have it. We can’t speak for anyone else on why they may not take their husband’s name after marriage, but as for Teigen, she’s not taking the last name “Stephens” when John himself doesn’t even wear it.

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