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If you’re not caught up on the roller coaster that is Blac Chyna‘s life, the model and socialite now has a new boo.

The guy is 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay  from Texas. Chyna posted a pic of them shopping in Beverly Hills recently and a video has been gaining traction on social media where Jay details their relationship.


The video is full of eye roll moments that definitely make you question if their relationship is authentic or not.

First off, according to Jay, him and Blac Chyna met on Christian Mingle.


“I was searching on Christian mingle and sh*t, and I seen her profile pop up, and I’m like this b*tch fire,” Jay said. “So I slid in her Christian mingle messages and sh*t and she responded to my email.”


Next, Jay talked about how he’s much more into older women than younger ones. “I don’t like young h*s, so I would rather date a famous actress. I don’t like young girls…they always want something. ‘I want this, I want hair, I want that.’ I want to f*ck, i don’t care…I don’t care what you want.”


Lastly, Jay talked about how he doesn’t wear condoms. “I’m all the way in raw my n*gga. I don’t wear rubbers my n*gga. Who does that sh*t? I wouldn’t f*ck a b*tch I wouldn’t want to get pregnant.”


“If Chyna got pregnant I would keep that sh*t like ‘aww daddy loves you. I love your ass’”


So yea, that’s Blac Chyna’s new boo.


You can watch the clip for yourself below. Warning…it’s a lot.


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