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Teenage boy (16-17) getting handcuffed, rear view, mid section

Source: Doug Menuez / Getty

It’s story time folks.

One guy was not about to let the police take him alive, so he conjured up his inner most James Bond, Ethan Hunt, and Indiana Jones to dodge 5-0 like the plague.


Michael Maldonado was arrested on Monday during a traffic stop and was brought to Porter County jail in Indiana. When the squad car entered the building’s garage, Maldonado must’ve scoped the scene because when it was time to put the pedal to the metal, he was ready.


Peep the video below and make sure you wait till the end for the great escape.


Here it is again at a different angle starting at 1:13.



According to The Times, Michael wasn’t secured properly in the vehicle and that’s why he was able to maneuver out the car and dodge underneath the garage door in such epic fashion.


This wasn’t even the first time he tried to escape the police. When he was arrested the first time, cops had to restrain him then too. A glass crack pipe and hypodermic needle fell from his clothes during the traffic stop search, and he tried to make a run for it only to be subdued with a stun gun.

Then he was handcuffed and tried to make a run for it AGAIN.


So they had to put him in hobble restraints.


You can’t blame the man for having vision.

Michael’s freedom didn’t last long. His garage door escape was the last straw and he was eventually caught on Tuesday.

He ended up being booked on a felony escape charge as well as felony counts of unlawful possession of a syringe and resisting law enforcement from his previous arrest. They even stacked some misdemeanor counts on Michael, including driving with a suspended license.


No wonder he was on the run.

Well in any case…when it comes to stories of citizens vs. the law, Michael’s name will definitely be remembered.

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