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Let’s face it, some of us are either punctually challenged or chronically late.

And if you’re enrolled in a school, you know teachers and professor can be harsh when it comes to showing up late.

Well one teacher apparently wants to teach his students a lesson and give them a workout by making them dance whenever they’re tardy to class. At Keiser University Tampa, Brandon Goderich came ready when he was late and he brought some Miami flavor with him. Check it out below.

Brandon’s moves to DJ Chipman‘s “Stick It and Roll It” eventually went viral, gaining over 9 million views on Twitter.

But this isn’t the first time Brandon was sticking it and rolling it for the class. He tweeted out another video of a previous time he was late.

Brandon is obviously a proud tardy member. He even gave a story of how he conjured up his “late playlist” full of 305 hits.

Mr. Goderich might be late, but he’s always ready.

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